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HomePilot® 2

Here's how it works


Here's how it works

The DuoFern HomePilot® is a central controller for RADEMACHER DuoFern radio products and the RADEMACHER products based on the Z-Wave radio technology.

The HomePilot® offers an intuitive user interface through which your radio products can then be easily controlled via browser, or a smartphone & Tablet app. Via the user interface, individual devices can be named, grouped together and scenes can be determined, which can then be assigned automations (see HomePilot® features below).

When connected to a router with internet (via LAN or WLAN), the HomePilot® also offers the option of accessing your radio products whilst you are out.

You can simply activate the WRConnect service in the HomePilot® and register with us for free via your email address. After registering, you can access your HomePilot® via the login at www.HomePilot.de, or you can simply enter your data in the HomePilot® app, which will also allow you to access your HomePilot®. This can be done from anywhere in the world!


1. The DuoFern HomePilot® can be connected to your internet router via the provided LAN cable, and then the DuoFern USB stick is inserted. Now, the HomePilot® can already be connected to the mains supply.

2. Next, the user interface of the HomePilot® is accessed via browser, the radio products can be taught.

3. If desired, activate the WRConnect remote access. This will allow you to access your HomePilot® via smartphone, tablet or PC from any location.

HomePilot® Features

HomePilot® user interface

The intuitive user interface is a highlight of the HomePilot®. With this, RADEMACHER radio products can be controlled and configured even quicker and easier.

The user interface presents your appliances in a clear manner, ordered according to the type of appliance, and offers the option of allocating individual names, descriptions and different appliance images.

The appliance images also display the status of the appliances. Your appliances can then be easily and directly operated via intuitive switches or slide controls.

Setting scenes

With the HomePilot®, you have the option of creating scenes with which you can drive or switch units to a specific state by clicking on an option or via automation.

For example, if you want to open all roller shutters with just one touch of a button, then determine a scene for this with the desired roller shutters and set the desired target state (0%). All appliances will then move simultaneously by selecting the "execute button".

In combination with an automation, the whole process becomes even more convenient. With the dawn and dusk automation function for example, your roller shutters will simply drive according to sunrise and sunset.

Use automation

With the HomePilot®, you have the option to fully automate your appliances with scenes and automation. For this, the HomePilot® comes with a multiplicity of automatic functions.

For example, with the timer function you can drive or switch your devices according to the time. With the Astro function, devices can be automated according to dawn and dusk.

In addition, in conjunction with an environmental sensor (see feature environmental sensor configuration) data such as sun, wind, rain or temperature can be used to automate scenes.


Build groups

Create as many groups as desired and arrange your devices, e.g. according to the room, device type or orientation (e.g. south facing).

All this with just a few clicks. Simply add a group under configuration>group, assign a name and add the devices by clicking.


Label favourites

In the device overview, label your most used devices as favourites with a simple, single click on the star symbol.

These will then, with immediate effect, appear on the home page of your HomePilot® user interface or on the HomePilot® app.

This will allow you to have quick and direct access to the devices.

HomePilot® and the weather station DuoFern environmental sensor

The weather station DuoFern environmental sensor is a significant asset for the HomePilot® system. With the environmental sensor, you have the option to use weather data to automate your devices.

The settings for the environmental sensor can easily be carried out on the HomePilot®. There, you will find the data for dawn, sun, dusk, wind, rain and the temperature. With the data you have the option of setting up to 5 different reaction values which you can later use as automation.

For example, the sun data offers the option of setting the brightness, direction of the sun, solar altitude and temperature. All this is also presented graphically in the configuration menu to assist you.

Thanks to diverse reaction data, you can, e.g. set your sun shading system in a way that it will "travel with the sun". Watch our Video Tutorial Part 5a on this.


AND gate - Scenes with multiple prerequisites

Make your home automation even more convenient with AND-functions.

Create scenes with automation and add one or multiple prerequisites.

For example, automatically switch the light of your garden lighting on when the terrace door is open and the Astro time of your HomePilot® has already calculated dusk.

If this automation should still be limited further, a time limit can also be added.